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Did you know, in the Philippines as part of the celebration of Easter this year they nailed 7 men to crosses?

That's taking it a little to my opinion.Did you know, in the Philippines as part of the celebration of Easter this year they nailed 7 men to crosses?

Some foreigners have previously been crucified including a Belgian nun and a Japanese man, who later allowed footage of his ordeal to be used in a pornographic film.

got that from鈥?/a>

foolsDid you know, in the Philippines as part of the celebration of Easter this year they nailed 7 men to crosses?
It is not On Easter that they did it.It is on a Friday before Easter Sunday. Easter is for egg huntng and festivities. Do not worry about those who were nailed. Even if they went too far, at least it is not you they nailed. It is still much better than wrapping bombs in your body and inflicting death and injuries to innocent civilians.
Yes. Native Americans had a similar practice called swinging at the pole. They would hook long cords through the skin of their chests and pull against the cords until they ripped through the flesh. A sort of rite of passage. Filipino society is not long removed from the hunter-gatherer stage.
Yes, it is on the Y! news page.

Bizzarro World eh!

(and none of them were chocolate)
Bunch of whack jobs.
I think there is some old church song with the line ';I want to be like Jesus'; Don't think thats what the song is about though.
They do this every year, as part of their celebration of the Crucifixion...
How about a link to this info.

Crazy philipinos
Why did they wanna do that.....
I agree. It is rather barbaric. No where in the Bible are we told to do this.
i don't know why people hurt them the bible there is no scripture that tells to hurt our self.

How long before PETA starts nailing McDonald's workers to crosses?

Crosses are made of wood, generated from murdering trees, which must be evil to most PETA members and staff.How long before PETA starts nailing McDonald's workers to crosses?
McDonald's promised PETA that they would get their meat from humane sources, but went back on their word... They are after the corporation, not the employees.How long before PETA starts nailing McDonald's workers to crosses?
First, PETA does not agree with hurting any animals including human ones.

Second, I don't quite get why nailing them to crosses, which is indicative of martyrdom of a pure soul, would apply here???
PETA has complained about McDonald's for years.

Did McDonald's start doing something new?
I got a hammer, and some nails, I'll start now. I'm not with PETA, it just sounds fun.
hopefully tomorrow

Anyone see the, faithfull in the Phillipeans nailing themselves to crosses and self mutilation.?

fundies on vacation,

crazy, crazy fundies,

aint religion grand?Anyone see the, faithfull in the Phillipeans nailing themselves to crosses and self mutilation.?
Go can say it...IDIOTS.Anyone see the, faithfull in the Phillipeans nailing themselves to crosses and self mutilation.?
They are not fundamentalists , they are catholic people who only know what they have been told. A church system that hides the truth from them.
ah well we can only hope for blood poisoning or an infection now

I am searching for crucifix figures that can be nailed to wooden crosses.?

Need plated antique bronze crucifixes, along with the sign above the crucifix IHUI.I am searching for crucifix figures that can be nailed to wooden crosses.?
try ebay, u dumbass

How could a deep moat(10m wide,14.5m at corner) be crossed with 2 planks(9.5m long) but no nails or rope?

A square island is surrounded by a square deep moat (10m wide, 14.5m at corner). Two planks (9.5m long) are available to cross the moat but together they are too short if laid end to end. How can the moat be crossed safely with no nails or roap available?How could a deep moat(10m wide,14.5m at corner) be crossed with 2 planks(9.5m long) but no nails or rope?
Place 1 plank across a corner of the moat and the other plank from the middle of the 1st to the other side of the moat.How could a deep moat(10m wide,14.5m at corner) be crossed with 2 planks(9.5m long) but no nails or rope?
well, i would either put a plank under each of my knees and use them to float across, or... i forgot my other idea sorry. well good luck

Whats with the Idea of some religious folk of reenacting christ death by having themselves nailed to crosses?

Do they honestly feel this brings them closer to God?Whats with the Idea of some religious folk of reenacting christ death by having themselves nailed to crosses?
They're dense.

They don't realize he went through more than getting nailed to wood.Whats with the Idea of some religious folk of reenacting christ death by having themselves nailed to crosses?
When they suffer as christ suffered they feel closer to christ. They also wear hair shirts and practice self faggellation. It is a form of masochism.

They are mentally unstable, if they were 14 year old girls cutting themselves, we would get them help.

Sharing christ's pain and damage, known as stigmata, is a long and well established tradition among the saints and the pious.

Most of the Saints and Martyrs would of course be diagnosed with signifigant mental illness issues today.
Sounds like a love for Sado-Masochism. Jesus never referred to anything like that being acceptable or wanted. The only thing Christians are to do is observe the Memorial of his death, The Last Supper or Passover on Nisan 14. BTW Jesus did not die on a cross, he died on a stake (stauros in Greek). Do some research and find out the truth.
I honestly think that they think so- however it doesn't- they probably take the verse- ';take up your cross'; too literally- what the passage is saying is that we are not meant to have an easy life- and that each of us, who are believers in Jesus Christ will be called to suffer- however Jesus is the one that paid the price in full and His death and resurrection is what brings us close to God- not re-enacting His death.
I don't know. But after seeing some of the videos on youtube, I am appalled at all the little children roaming around.

I do realize I am being ethnocentric. The children seem content. But I will not allow my son to view the Passions and he's 11. Maybe next year, assuming I have the fortitude to watch it myself.
Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice for our sins, no one else has to be nailed to the cross. It would be pointless.
Perhaps they feel this is the ultimate service they can to for Jesus. But, respectfully, I think they got the message wrong and are giving the wrong Christian message to others.

Jesus Christ was not about making people suffer for him. It was about the happiness of following a life of love in obedience to God. What Jesus did was just an example of his love -- a love where he went as far as death to save us. Not because he wanted to enjoy pain and set the example for others to enjoy pain too.

On one occasion when Jesus was teaching the crowd a woman called out saying that it must have been happy for the woman who went through the pain of childbirth of having him and raising him from a baby. Jesus corrected her by saying ...

Luke 11:27 As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, ';Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.'; 28 He replied, ';Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.';
purity through suffering. this is a bit extreme, but the theme is pervasive in many religions.
Their love to Jesus is counted.
well in a way it does. we as Christians believe that the cross is something to celebrate. because if it were not for his death then ,then the world would not be where it is today,........
Jesus had a purpose to die such a horrible death. He redeemed mankind once for all time.

By man repeating the death of Christ minimizes the sacrifice Jesus made for us. It is as though anyone could have done it so what's the big deal?
It reinforces their conditioning.
IMHO, they do so in believing that reenactment of Christ's death is an act of contrition and penance. They do so to lift up the burden of guilt they may feel or as an action to fulfill their vow to God.

I personally believe that having ourselves nailed to crosses are not necessary to draw close to God. Crucifixion is an act of salvation finished by Jesus Christ.

God provided us his Son to get closer to Him and his Word that helps us to know him more and understand his will. There is also the privilege of prayer - our open line to God. God won't require us more than what we can bear. :)
Because we are all insane to a certain degree. Some are much more insane than others.
Yes, they do feel that.

They feel that re enacting Christ's passion shows their devotion to their faith.

I applaud them for that. Far too many Christians don't take their Religion seriously.It's good to see that Christians are as good as their word and will accept Christ's fate, rather than simply talk about how morally superior they are to everyone else ';because of what Christ did';.

Talk is the last refuge of the coward, too cowardly to Actually commit to a Christian life.
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  • Should Christians have themselves nailed to crosses to prove their devotion to their belief?

    Like these Filipinos鈥?/a>

    Crazy or what.

    Would you though to prove your devotion? After all you say you would do anything to please your god.Should Christians have themselves nailed to crosses to prove their devotion to their belief?
    I'm gonna go get a hammer and help some of em get a little more devoted!Should Christians have themselves nailed to crosses to prove their devotion to their belief?
    No, they ought not to do that.

    You must really hate us if you are advocating that we all nail ourselves on a cross to show devotion.

    Jesus did that so we would not have to go through it.

    Have a good day. Sorry to disappoint you, but I won't do that.

    I don't need to. God knows I love Him. He does not ask me to prove it.
    No. Christ did that so we don't have to. Jesus said, If you love me, keep my commandments. The best way to prove our devotion to him is to follow his teachings.
    That sort of display is idolatrous and a vestige of pagan orgiastic practices. It is not appropriate at all for Christians. It is excessive.
    i what to ask u a question how would u feel if one of your dearest friends was executed on the basis of false charges would you make a replica of the instrument of execution would you cherish it or would you shun it so in the same way we shouldn't wear objects around our neck to remind us about jc
    It does amaze me how far they go, I am still shocked that so many of them on these boards hold so much hate for gay folks, in the year 2008. For followers of peace loving Jesus, its beyond words what festering notions they subscribe to.

    Sorry Guys but they are Christians, just like you, they believe in JC, just like you, they are under the same religious flag as you. Or is it, real Christians versus non real Christians now?

    How does that work? More exclusion based upon people not believing in what you do?
    If they did this they would be not doing anything that would please God. Jesus Christ sacrafice for us was done once for all time. We only need to excersise faith in that sacrafice. John 3:16 And we do this by how we live our lives and treat others, not by making a crazy display of things that would attract attention to ourselves, not Christ. Matthew 6th chapter
    only if he wants us to.
    Jesus! That's awful God wouldn't be happy at all with what these people are doing to themselves
    This is a good question and I will try my best to give you my views on it.

    Let's look for a moment at the 1997 movie - The 7th Sign that starred Demi Moore. The base of the movie is that the seals described in Revelations have been broken and the prophecies have begun and only one woman (Demi Moore) can stop the end coming to our world. She is repeatedly asked throughout the movie - ';Would you die for me?';

    While that is a Hollywood based movie, the question itself is interesting - ';Would you die for me?';

    There are areas in the world where they do reenact the crucifixion of Jesus as a show of faith; however it is not a fatal crucifixion. Rather, they use it as a way to show God that they would go to death for Jesus. If you do enough web searching, you'll even find one man who vowed to be crucified every year for 15 years if God allowed his wife to come through a difficult child birth.

    Your question was would we do this also to show our faith to the Lord.

    Personally, I have a strong walk with the Lord, I live my life to the very best that I can possibly live it to on a daily basis with the Lord. Am I going to make mistakes along the way? Certainly... I'm human and all humans make mistakes. However, do I need to be nailed to a cross to show the Lord my faith in Him and devotion to Him? That answer would be no.

    Jesus died on the cross for all of mankind - God loved us so much that he sacrificed His own Son for the sins of the world and that if anyone believed in Him, would have everlasting life and not die. Obviously our physical body will die but God was referring to our souls to live on. The Bible tells about how our bodies are merely a temple to carry the soul and that we should not defile it in any way.

    In my eyes, there is no reason that anyone should have to be nailed to a cross to show their devotion to God. It's a radical move of extremisms and allowing superstitions to intercede with a message for all of us that God gave..... Believe in my Son and you shall not die. To believe in my Son is to believe in God.

    Living here in this physical form, we face persecution each and every day by someone. It could be a stranger, a family member, a co-worker, etc. Regardless, it is up to each of us to live the way Christ would want us to live and to carry that way of life through every aspect of our lives... not just on a Sunday.

    Those who have believed in the one God of heaven and earth have continually been persecuted by rulers and kings since time began. However, when we speak of early Christian persecution, we are referring to the time following Jesus Christ's suffering and persecution for His Church - His death on the cross. He paid the price for all of our sins, He was spat upon, beaten beyond recognition, humiliated, and finally nailed to a cross like a hardened criminal until He died. After three days, He rose again and even now, He lives and is the right hand of God the Father where He rules and reigns with Him.

    Early Christians who were persecuted for Christ:

    * James the Great, the elder brother of John the Apostle, was beheaded in A.D. 44.

    * Philip, who served in Upper Asia was scourged in Phrygia, thrown into prison and later crucified (A.D. 54).

    * Matthew the tax collector served the Lord in Parthia and Ethiopia where he was slain with a halberd (a shafted weapon with an axe-like cutting blade and a speared end) in the city of Nadabah, A.D. 60.

    * James the Less, the brother of the Lord, served the church in Jerusalem and wrote the book of James. He suffered martyrdom at the age of ninety-four by being beaten and stoned by the Jews.

    * Matthias, the man who was chosen to replace Judas as an apostle, was stoned at Jerusalem and then beheaded.

    * Andrew, the brother of Peter, preached the gospel to many Asiatic nations and was crucified on a cross at Edessa. The ends of his cross were fixed transversely in the ground, thus the derivation of the term, St. Andrew's cross.

    * Mark was converted to Christianity by Peter and served as amanuensis (he wrote for Peter). He was dragged to pieces by the people of Alexandria.

    * Peter, the apostle, was sought by Nero to be put to death. Jerome wrote that Peter was crucified with his head down and his feet up, because he thought himself unworthy to be crucified in the same form and manner as the Lord.

    * Paul was really persecuted several times. He was scourged, stoned, and finally, Nero had him beheaded by a sword.

    * Jude, the brother of James, commonly called Thaddeus, was crucified at Edessa in A.D. 72.

    * Bartholomew preached in several countries and translated the Gospel of Matthew into the language of India. He was cruelly beaten and then crucified by in patient idolaters.

    * Thomas, doubting Thomas, preached the Gospel in Parthia and India. He excited the rage of the pagan priests and was martyred by being thrust through with a spear.

    * Luke the author of Luke and Acts travelled with Paul through various countries and was suppose to have been hanged on and olive tree by the idolatrous priests of Greece.

    * Simon the Zealot preached the Gospel in Mauritania, Africa, and even Britain where he was crucified in A.D. 74.

    * John, the Apostle whom Jesus loved, was sent from Ephesus to Rome where he was put into a cauldron of boiling oil. He escaped by a miracle, without injury, but was then banished to the Isle of Patmos and there he wrote the book of Revelations. Nerva, Domitian's successor, said he was the only apostle who escaped a violent death.

    What it boils down to is - Do you believe in God? Do you accept Jesus as your Saviour? Do you choose to change your life to walk and breathe what Jesus taught? Do you choose to grow with God spiritually and not just on a religious plane?

    We are all listed in the Book of Life. When our physical bodies die and we go home to God, we will stand before Him at that time as he reads our page in that Book of Life. What each person needs to think about is, where do we stand with God and have we tried to right the wrongs of our worldly stay and accepted Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior believing that Jesus died for all of our sins and the only requirement to everlasting life is simply to believe in Jesus and ask His forgiveness.

    Is there a necessity for being nailed to the cross to prove to God how you feel? No. Showing God what you believe and how you feel about Him is proven by how we walk through our lives while here on earth.

    Sorry for being so lengthy... I just wanted to help you understand.

    God Bless and have a wonderful day.
    Most Christians know that where it says to take up your cross and follow me was not meant to be taken literally. These poor deluded people were convinced that if they did this it would be pleasing to God and/or they just wanted to die in the same manner as Christ so as to experience his agony. They are so wrong. This is just another example of how Christianity has been twisted and distorted from its original meaning.
    A 15 Years old kid!!!??? Wow... who said that BDSM is illegal in the Filipines???
    Why is it so upsetting for you christians to see a display of self immolation?


    how can you recognise one as idolatry and the other as an act of supreme love?
    YES That would be awesome, send all the christians to ';heaven'; and it will be one less thing to fight over, seriously all they do is try and convert people so, us atheist wont ***** about that anymore.
    No. Jesus does not ask us to do that. He already did that for us.
    Absolutely not, because Jesus already sacrificed his life and died for us. No more blood needs be shed. We are redeemed. Bible says that God doesn't want sacrifice, but a contrite heart. Besides there are many other ways we can show and prove our devotion to God.

    Like the Jews and the Muslims, Christians believe that devotion is not proven by a single act or deed, but by the sum total of one's life.

    Displays such as having oneself nailed to a cross in a procession prove nothing about one's devotion - except that they create a spectacle.